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The New Alternative to Gasoline and Diesel

USNGV is an exciting new transportation fuels company with an alternative to gasoline and diesel that’s inexpensive and clean-burning. USNGV has developed and patented a new process that produces liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) in nano-scale volumes anywhere there is a natural gas source.


Using natural gas as an alternative transportation fuel is the future for America’s reliance on cars and trucks. Natural gas is abundant, clean-burning and inexpensive. Using Natural Gas (CH4) in place of gasoline or diesel dramatically reduces harmful emission


USNGV’s patented technology gives our fleet customers the convenience and cost-savings of producing and dispensing their own LNG (or CNG) right in their own yard.


LNG provides three times the range of CNG at one fourth the weight! CNG is stored at such high pressure that the storage tank must be very strong – and that translates to heavy and bulky.  Plus, that same amount of energy stored in the liquid form (at 100 psi) takes up a third of the volume of that required by compressed natural gas at 3,600 psi.

The Future of American Energy Independence

USNGV’s onsite, nano-scale liquid natural gas production equipment is fully automated and cutting edge. The technology allows for the creation of ultra-pure LNG after multiple purification and cryogenic stages.  USNGV monitors the station 24/7 to make sure it is operating efficiently and visits it each month to perform routine maintenance. The customer simply uses the fuel.


A natural gas molecule is made up of four hydrogen atoms and one carbon atom.  According the EPA, natural gas is much cleaner than gasoline or diesel and it reduces carbon monoxide emissions 90%-97%; reduces carbon dioxide emissions 25%; reduces nitrogen oxide emissions 35%-60%; potentially reduces non-methane hydrocarbon emissions 50%-75%; emits fewer toxic and carcinogenic pollutants; and emits little or no particulate matter.  USNGV’s LNG is far cleaner than typical natural gas, plus – would you rather use a fuel with one carbon atom or gasoline and diesel with 7 and 16 carbon atoms respectively???


Natural gas is historically priced well below the retail price of gasoline and diesel.  USNGV can sell LNG at a discount that amounts to a 5% to 15% discount below what it would cost for an equivalent gallon of gasoline or diesel fuel bought at average retail price.

Dr. Sam Haddad, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University, concluded that USNGV’s LNG station - “utilizes a technology that will have tremendous value as the Transportation Industry progresses toward reliance on alternative fuels. Furthermore, the liquefier is capable of providing a significant economic advantage over large-scale LNG liquefaction plants since transportation and storage costs are eliminated. In this respect, the LNG Station is a proven technology with unlimited potential for meeting the fuel demands of the future.”

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 Job Solutions

Good For Environment

Energy Independent 

USNGV is America's answer to 
Foreign Oil Dependency

America’s addiction to foreign oil is unsustainable and financially prohibitive. It will take many years for viable zero-emission solutions to be available to commercial fleets, so USNGV believes that it is time for Americans to invest in our own country’s natural gas supply to eliminate our reliance on dirty fuels and help clean up our environment.

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