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Why Your Fleet Needs AG&T Conversions

AG&T Vehicle Conversions

There are no barriers to overcome in converting vehicles to run on natural gas.  In addition to converting to a single-fuel solution, it is also possible to employ dual-fuel technologies if the vehicle in question can handle dual-fuel tanks.  Referring to the figure below, attached to the fuel tank is a regulator [2], which reduces tank pressure to ~125 psi.  Fuel is then fed to a parallel fuel rail [3] and to new, secondary injectors plugged into an adapter [4].  A wiring harness [5] plugs into the factory engine-control unit and intercepts throttle information, sending it to a new fueling computer [6], which slightly alters the data and passes it to the LNG/CNG injectors [7] through a parallel wiring harness.  (Please see illustrations below.)



Two Fuel Rails, two sets of Fuel Injectors, both feed the same intake port.

Natural Gas Vehicle conversions must be properly installed and maintained on customer vehicles by Natural Gas Conversion experts. CNG aftermarket vehicle conversions are mature. They can also be modified to operate with LNG by simply changing the vehicle fuel tank from a CNG tank to a LNG tank. All natural gas vehicle conversions require Environmental Protection Agency certification. If the conversion is to be used in California, it must be approved by the California Air Resources Board as well.


AG&T answers your needs!


LNG is the more sought after form of natural gas, because it provides a much longer range between fill-ups. LNG is natural gas which is super-cooled into a liquid state. LNG production is much more complex than CNG because it requires a cryogenic processing and storage.


LNG production includes reducing the temperature of the gas to approximately -200°F when being stored at 100 psi on a vehicle. LNG is stored in a vacuum insulated tank to assure it remains super cold for long periods of time. If LNG were to warm up, it would build pressure in the storage tank and automatically vent into the atmosphere. Once in the atmosphere it would quickly disperse into the stratosphere because it is much lighter than air.


LNG is far more attractive to fleet vehicle owners because it requires only 50% more fuel tank volume to provide the same driving range as gasoline, unlike CNG which requires 3.7 times the volume as LNG and 5.7 times the volume as gasoline


LNG is considered by many to be safer than CNG because it is stored in one tank at lower pressure. The weight of a full LNG tank is roughly the same weight as a full gasoline tank, since LNG is only half the liquid weight of gasoline.

Why you should choose AG&T to provide your LNG?


AG&T’s competitors simply store LNG in large above-ground 15,000 gallon tanks, which are very hard to permit. This permitting difficulty is due to the large volume of fuel that must be trucked to each station which, by law, requires very large properties.  This requirement makes small fleet yards unable to utilize the LNG technology and fuel savings.


Most existing LNG stations vent up to 20% of their LNG to the environment as this LNG warms up. AG&T's competitors have no re-liquefaction capacity, unlike AG&T's stations. Venting LNG to the environment is costly and environmentally unsound, a practice that will legally be prohibited in the near future.


AG&T understands that fleet owners do not have time to become Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) industry experts. You want and need to cut your fuel costs without spending money up-front or taking on additional risks.  In other words, fleet owners want to buy fuel for less money, without the hassle of managing an additional operation. AG&T, using our knowledge, experience and the recent technological advancements made to NGV equipment, can now design and implement meaningful NGV programs for your fleet. These programs can save almost every customer substantial amounts of money.


AG&T provides turn-key programs that allow customers to pay for their NGV programs within their per gallon fuel costs. AG&T assures, not just that the vehicles and stations operate satisfactorily, but also that the customer will save up to 15% on fuel purchases!