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The Natural Gas Infrastructure is Already in Place

The U.S. has an extensive infrastructure of underground pipeline systems capable of transporting natural gas from gas wells or from import terminals to over 85% of all U.S. structures. This natural gas system can economically and reliably supply natural gas feedstock to conveniently located compressed and liquefied natural gas vehicle refueling stations across the U.S. today.

The Liberty Station receives its natural gas feedstock directly from the utility company pipes – an extensive network that enables virtually the entire U.S. with a supply of natural gas. Moreover, since the production is local, on-site where the fleet vehicles need it, no trucking distribution of the finished LNG is required. This localized production also precludes the need for large storage tanks. When fuel storage tanks are less than 2,000 gallons, as is the case with the AG&T LNG Stations L-300 and L-1800, the municipal permitting process is typically done over-the-counter. 

The LNG unit features a built-in secondary containment. This feature removed the need for berms to contain leaks and increase the stations safety. Without having to accommodate vast storage or large delivery trucks or extra spacing around property lines, the footprint of the AG&T LNG Station remains very small.